Explore - Bar Chart

Click on the add bar chart icon Knarr_Icons%20Bar to generate a bar chart on the canvas. Upon creation, the bar chart will open to the properties panel and move your cursor to the dimension field, into which you will be able to add your dimension value by typing it in or selecting it from the dropdown.
You have multiple sorting options for bar charts, including alphabetical, numeric, and by Y-value.
By default, your metric will be a count of all the dimensional records, i.e. count(1). You can change this metric to your desired calculation using the metric interface.

It’s important to note that if your dimension is a key field, the record count can be distorted and unexpected due to key fields being present in multiple tables.

Change the width of the bars to get wider or thinner bars by dragging the “bar width” slider to the right or left.

You can trellis any chart by any dimension to generate small multiples across rows, columns, or both.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Create Bar Chart: Cmd + B

Hot Tips

  • Hover over any bar in a bar chart to get the data point value
  • Sort by descending value to get a more useful view across dimensions