Explore - Sessions & Workspaces

About Sessions and Workspaces
In Explore mode from within a project, you are assigned a unique session ID (visible in the URL after the “explore/”). This unique ID is linked to your selections and canvas layout, i.e. your filters and all of the objects on your screen.
If you have shared your project with a teammate, by default you share the same data model, but are placed in different sessions so your selections and canvas layout are separate. However, if you want to share the same session, your teammate can click on your avatar in the top right corner of the screen and hop into your session with you, allowing you to both make selections and create objects in the same view. This is great for collaborating on a specific analysis with multiple teammates.
When you’re finished, your teammate can click his/her own avatar and jump back into a solo session.

Additional Information
Combine this capability with Snapshots to create a powerful collaborative workflow that allows you to take advantage of your teammates insights to bring a fresh perspective to your analysis and jump back and forth to branch off analyses.