Explore - Snapshots

About Snapshots
Snapshots allow you to save your work at any moment, allowing you to create a visual bookmark of your current analysis. Everything on your screen will be saved to the Snapshot, including a picture of your canvas, selections in your Context, and any object on the canvas. Snapshots are a great way to be able to stash what you’re working on and not worry about losing anything, without having to duplicate sheets or open new tabs.

Snapshots are one of the most important features of Knarr because they allow you to save an exact view of your work at any time without worrying about interrupting your analytics jam session to take a screenshot or write down your findings. Rock on!

Save a Snapshot by clicking “Capture” in the top left side of the screen. Once you add a Snapshot, you can rename it and provide a description to lend extra context to what you were working on, so your future self doesn’t forget. In the Snapshots view, you can also tag Snapshots to make them easier to sort through and filter.

You can retrieve these Snapshots later by expanding the Snapshots panel, finding the Snapshot you want to restore, and clicking it. Simple!

Keyboard Shortcuts
Add Snapshot: Cmd + S (omg how could we commandeer Cmd+S?!)

Additional Information
Snapshots are visible to anyone with whom you share your pad, so your teammates can quickly and easily get to any analysis you were doing and vice versa.

Combine Snapshots with Workspace Collaboration to create a rapid datastorming session where you and your teammates fork analyses, dig deeper, and hop around into and out of each others’ sessions.

Hot Tips

  • Since Snapshots are configurations, you can use them to create stock analyses of datasets, so if you have a particular analysis you want to conduct periodically, you can pull in a refreshed dataset with the same fields and do the same analysis
  • Snapshots are also great if your’e doing a collaboration session with a teammate and you want to fork the analysis into your own space - just capture a Snapshot, hop back into your session, and restore the Snapshot to keep riffing on that analysis.