Explore - Trellis & Small Multiples

Trellis charts, aka small multiples, allow you to break out a standard chart, such as a line or bar, into multiple smaller charts by an additional dimension. This can be very useful to see how trends apply across dimensions.
You can trellis any chart in Knarr by selecting the chart, going to the properties, and adding a dimension under the GRID section. In the example below, the bar chart is broken out into rows by year, but you can break out charts by columns as well, or by both rows and columns to create a grid.

Much like the min bar size and min point size capabilities that are available in the bar and line charts, you can set your minimum row height and column width to get a better view of the chart data.

Hot Tips

  • The trellis split is great for looking across a few dimensional values but all the charts use the same Y-axis, so if you have too many values it becomes difficult to analyze anything. Try filtering down the fields you’re breaking charts out by to make it easier!
  • Hovering over any bar in a bar chart will highlight that value in all of the charts, as well as put a dotted indicator line across so you can easily do comparisons.