Model - Add & Delete Table

The model view is where you connect to and import your data into Knarr. In this view, you can see the tables that make up your data model and how they are connected to one another.

Note Knarr links tables based on field names, so if your tables aren’t connected, rename the key fields to match.

To add a table, hit the “Add Table” button, which will prompt you for what type of data you’d like to add. For now, we just have Google Sheets enabled, so it will default to that and allow you to, if you haven’t done so already, connect your Google Sheets account to Knarr. Don’t worry, we don’t read any of your data other than to pull it into the pad, and you can always revoke Knarr’s access to your Google applications any time.

To see more information about the Google Sheets integration, check out this post [LINK]

To remote a table, simply click on the table you would like to remove, then click the trash can icon in the top right corner. This will refresh the pad with the latest data and remove the selected table.

Currently, while we don’t allow any data transformations in the Model View, you can create calendars from date fields by clicking on any of the date fields (indicated with a calendar), and then clicking the “Add Calendar” button. To see more information about adding calendars, check out this post [LINK]

Keyboard Shortcuts
Go to Model View: Cmd + M

Hot Tips

  • If you have multiple key fields, Knarr will automatically create a synthetic join of those fields, but that may not be exactly what you’re looking for, so it is almost always better to create a surrogate key in your data rather than letting Knarr guess
  • Your table and field metadata can be really useful to determine how well your data connects together, so check this when you load your data in to make sure everything is lining up as expected