Short Knarr Overview

The Deck

The deck is what you see when you log into Knarr. It houses all of your projects and your activity feed and allows you to create new projects or jump right into a dataset or snapshot that a teammate created.

Right-click on any project to delete it.

You can easily jump to this community by clicking the Community button in the top right.

To log out of Knarr, just click the door icon in the top right corner.


Once you’re inside a project, you can navigate between loading in data, exploring the data, and viewing snapshots by using the top navigation menu in the middle of the screen.


Knarr is designed to facilitate problem-solving using as many datasets as you need, i.e. you can have multiple datasets with multiple tables inside the same context of a single project.

Once you’ve created a dataset, you can connect to a data source (for the beta version we have enabled only Google Sheets) and pull in as many tables as you want. Knarr will automatically connect the tables together using common field names. If your field names are not exactly the same, Knarr won’t link the tables, so make sure your key fields are named correctly in your source data (case sensitive as well). Some more information about loading data can be found here.


In Explore mode, you can work with the data you’ve loaded. Swap seamlessly between different datasets with the dropdown in the top left, filter the data using the filter pane on the left side, add visualizations to the canvas, and capture snapshots of your work as you create. Easily restore any point in time from the snapshots menu.


Snapshots are a great way to save what you’ve been working on to share with others, create a narrative, or restore later to continue down an analytic path. Snapshots capture everything that you were doing at the time you take it, including the dataset, the context filters, a screenshot of your canvas, and even the exact canvas layout. Remember to name your snapshots when you take them so they are easier to find later.

From the Snapshot view, you can quickly search all of your snapshots or filter by tag. Tagging is a great way to create a narrative that you can easily walk through with a teammate.
Click the “Explore from this snapshot” button to jump back to Explore mode with that snapshot fully restored to the canvas for you to pick up right where you left off and continue with your analysis.

Sharing and Multiplayer

To add teammates to your project, simply click the Add User icon in the top right corner next to your avatar. This will allow you to add users to any project, but be aware that anyone you add will have access to the data you have loaded in.

Note that users have to be signed up for Knarr in order to share a project with them, otherwise the “+” button will not activate

When you add a teammate to a project, that teammate can interact with all of the datasets and snapshots that are in the project, as well as add new data, create new visualizations, and save new snapshots. You can even share the same session and build new analyses together by clicking on your teammate’s avatar when they have the project open at the same time as you.

That’s it! You’re now a Knarr pro!